About Us

What started out as seven broke college students from Chico State road tripping up to the Oregon Coast, sleeping two guys to a bed in Bandon’s Chrome Lake cottages, has transfued into a community of people who are bonded by a love of golf, travel, camaraderie and adventure. Welcome to Suave Golf everybody!

What we actually do here at Suave Golf is pretty simple, we organize golf trips in an effort to help our friends explore and discover amazing golf courses, places, local delicacies and good people. Many of our trips visit the best golf destinations out there, but our overall goal is to use golf as a mechanism for exploring some of the world’s most interesting and beautiful places. We also run a small online shop here on suavegolf.com that offers apparel and other goodies we’ve found to be comfy, cool, or particularly useful that simultaneously let’s others know you’re here to have fun.

Suave isn’t necessarily intended to reflect the aesthetic nature of what brings us together (although we do want everybody to feel like they look as suave as possible), but is more reflective of our attitudes toward golf as a whole and our fellow golfers. While you’ll see a lot of pomp and circumstance out there about #growingthegame, Suave Golfers take that to heart and actively do their part in introducing friends, loved ones and sometimes strangers to our unifying pastime. Sometimes a handsome, positive attitude from a playing partner is all it takes for someone new to fall in love with this sport, and Suave Golfers look forward to being a catalyst of positive energy that touches all aspects of golf.